Pricing and Products

Now your session is complete, it’s time to choose how you want each one presented…

Do you favour traditional styles with a board mounted photograph you can get framed or would you prefer one of the laminated board backed canvased that will make you the envy of all your friends.

Which images would you choose to make the perfect gift for a grandparent on a funky wooden cube.

It’s never too late to begin your own family photo albums, treasured as an heirloom to be looked through by generations.

What does it cost?

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3

1. Booking Fee

(due when booking)

from £25

Your booking fee is the non refundable fee you pay to reserve a session.  This cost covers all arrangements made before your session.

More information on booking fees shown on the individual ‘about your session’ pages.

2. Digital Image Fee

(due at your viewing session)

£175 or £250

When you view your photos at your ordering session you have a choice of how many digital images you wish to purchase.  These images are all high resolution edited files and are sold with the rights share then on your personal social media, enjoy on your own mobile devices and for getting your own printed products made for your home and gifts.

£175 for 10 high resolution digital files

£250 for 20 high resolution digital files

3. Printed Products


from £75

The printed products we sell are sourced from exclusive printing companies who offer artwork that has true tone colouring and is built to last.

I highly recommend you consider these products for the main feature pieces in your home, and those you wish to keep forever.

More information on those products is detailed further on this page.

Enchanted Photography’s Suppliers

All of the printed products I sell are outsourced from award-winning, high end and professional printing laboratories.

My desire is to provide you with options for high quality products for the walls of your home that will last the test of time without fading or sagging.

Examples of my supplier’s products can be seen throughout the studio and viewing room to help you visualise what they’ll look like in your own home.

Wall Art 

When you walk into a room, the first thing you should see is a beautifully framed photo or fine art canvas taking pride of place in your home.

Not only do studio photos of your family look beautiful hung on the wall, they create a personal touch to your home. They are the reward for the time spent choosing outfits and props styled to match your home, prepping the children and a reminder of the fun you had at the photoshoot.

Fine Art Canvasses

A great way to display your photos, the fine art canvas has a rigid board-backed front and back design, with almost invisible corners that make it perfectly suited for rustic cottages and modern homes alike.

The laminated finish protects your image from dirty fingers and dust, making them a great investment to last the test of time on display.

Prices include:

£99 – 20″x16″ Canvas

£125 – 30″x20″ Canvas

Card Mounted Photographs

For those who love a traditional framed photo, these are perfect for you. Your choosen photo once printed is bonded to card to strengthen it so it can stand the tests of time without any warping.

They are a true investment in documenting your family’s memories and will become a timeless keepsake to treasure for generations.

Prices include:

£75 – 20″x16 Mounted Photograph

£99 – Two 12″x16″ Mounted Photographs

£125 – 30″x”20 Mounted Photograph

3D Acrylic Orbs

An incredibly unique way to display your favourite photo, the 3D Acrylic Orb is not something you can buy from the high street! Your circular image shimmers and pops under the 5mm crystal clear plexiglass. A real envy piece!

Prices include:

£99 – 12″ Acrylic Sphere

£125 – 20″ Acrylic Sphere

Acrylic High Gloss Panels

A unique way to display your photos, an acrylic high gloss panel shows your pictures in supreme detail and stunning colours so that it becomes a focal point in any room. The sophisticated gloss acrylic offers photo-realistic optics of brilliant colour, resistant to light and water. A feature piece for any home.

Prices include:

£125 – 20″x16 Acrylic Panel

Aluminium Wall Displays

Turn your favourite photo into a piece of art with the image sealed on an aluminium-based wall art piece. This high contrast product pushes the black and white dynamics to eye catching lengths and looks truly unique in the home.

This product is very popular with Dads.

Prices include:

£125 – 20″x16 Aluminium Panel

Luxury Classic Photo Albums 

An album is a timeless way to display photos for good reason.  Each time it is opened to share with friends and family, or even by yourself in a reflective moment, new memories of looking over the book are created.

An album is a product that I believe gains value the longer you have it.

Prices include:

£150 – 10 Page Luxury 8″x8″ Album

Gift Items & Small Products 

There’s nothing more personal than a photographic gift for a parent or grandparent. At Enchanted Photography we have an amazing selection of timeless and unique products that will make the perfect gift.

Wooden Photo Cubes

Photo Cubes are a fun way to display your favourite photos. These couture cubes utilise the same amazing quality and laminated finish as our fine art canvases, but small enough for your sideboard, dining table or fireplace.

Prices include:

£99 – 4in Photo Cube

£125 – 8in Photo Cube

Photo Blocks

Whether you want an exciting gift or a contemporary way to display your images on a work desk, sideboard or fireplace, these simple and rustic wooden photo blocks with a laminated finish are perfect to display a favourite photo in your home.

Prices include:

£75 – 10″x8″ Artist Photo Block

£99 – Two 7″x5″ Artist Photo Blocks

Mini Albums

Mini albums provide perfect solution for parents who like to get an album from every session to enjoy regularly, or for a gift for grandparents. These high quality mini books have a premium published feel with the option of a fabric or gloss photo cover.

Prices include:

£99 – 10 Page Mini Album

£150 – Two 10 Page Mini Albums

The cost of printed products sold by Enchanted Photography may increase or decrease without notice.

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Kent Photo Studio, Unit 36 Integra, Bircholt Road, Maidstone, Kent. ME15 9GQ

Don't be shy, get in touch

Call (01622) 828320 or Email me here

For latest info, offers & photos from recent family photoshoots like our Facebook page

Copyright for all content held by: Enchanted Photography. All Rights Reserved.

Kent Photo Studio, Unit 36 Integra, Bircholt Road, Maidstone, Kent. ME15 9GQ

Don't be shy, get in touch

Call (01622) 828320

or Email me here

Don't forget to like the Facebook Page

Copyright for all content held by: Enchanted Photography. All Rights Reserved.

Kent Photo Studio, Unit 36 Integra, Bircholt Road, Maidstone, Kent. ME15 9GQ