Beautiful Babies

“Sometimes the littlest things take up the most room in your heart”

Babies don’t stay little for long. For someone so tiny they can grow and change ever so fast and we can soon lose those memories of when they were so small they could fit in our hands. Those tiny toes and chubby cheeks  melt away to reveal beaming smiles and developing little characters.

As your chosen baby photographer I will work with you to capture some incredible images and touching moments as I photograph your bond in something you will truly treasure for years to come. Portrait photography has the magical ability to pause time so whilst moments like these will come and go, your photos will last longer than a lifetime.

My brother and baby nephew had a fantastic time with Gemma in her Maidstone Photography Studio and the pictures were incredible. We had them blown up on A1. It made the perfect birthday present. Thank you Gemma for our wonderful family photos. Highly recommend to anyone in need of a baby photographer.

Max Richardson

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About the Enchanted Photography Studio

Your baby photoshoot will take place in more homely of the two photography studios. Simple and cosy, the Baby Suite has all you need when it comes to young babies.

A comfy sofa provides homely and relaxed seating area and somewhere of ‘unposed’ family lifestyle images also.

Multiple heaters allow me to keep the room super warm for all those exposed limbs.

Directly outside the room is a separate kitchen area for hot/cold drinks and snacks. Parking is directly in front of the unit for your convenience.

Before Your Session

Every photoshoot at Enchanted Photography is unique to you and your family.

I want you and your baby to feel at ease in the photography studio, so I’d love to hear more about your little one, their likes and dislikes.

Tell me about your ideas of the type of baby photos you want to leave Enchanted Photography with and the colours you like so I can make your dreams become reality during your photoshoot.

I will share my 10+ years experience of photographing babies and let you know what you might need to bring from their favourite toy to a change of clothes.

During Your Session

Babies grow and change so much before our eyes. It is amazing to witness and I feel privileged to be able to help you document key moments from an early smile to their first crawls.

Feel relaxed in the homely lounge-style photo studio, a nice warm room with soft lighting, as I capture a series of natural photos of your baby to mark your baby’s developments stages. A selection of high quality props, fabrics and backgrounds styled to your home decor will be used for added charm.

I always encourage siblings and parents to get involved for some family photos that are always gratefully received by grandparents, and landmark memories for you when your baby has grown.

After Your Session

Once your photoshoot has been captured it’s time for me to work my magic.  First the images are sorted to create a selection of appoximately 35 high resolution photos.  Each of these images is then edited individually to remove untimely blemishes, dribble etc. to create picture perfect photos that will make you smile every day when you see it in your home.

Less than 10 days after your photoshoot your images will be ready and all the edited files will be emailed to you for your safe storage and for you to get your own images printed from.

A wide range of high quality products are available to purchase as well, after all you don’t want photos that fade faster than your memories.

What does it cost?

Included in all sessions is up to 35 fully edited high resolution digital files for you to keep, share on social media, view on mobile devices and to get your own physical products printed.

I also sell a selection of high quality printed products, built to last the test of time, these included fine art canvases, acrylic panels, photo cubes, albums and more.

To reserve your preferred date a fee of just £50 is due with the remaining balance due on the the day of your photoshoot.

Gemma is excellent to work with, and her work is always second to none. The quality of the images are outstanding, and taken in a nice setting too.

Miriam Pollitt

Taken from Google Reviews

Why choose Enchanted Photography?


    A baby can sometimes have more bags than the families they come with, but within my photo studio you will feel at home with room to unpack and relax with a full height changing table to hand for quick fixes and outfit changes. A separately kitchen area/foyer provides additional space for siblings to stretch out and a place to help yourselves to hot/cold drinks and snacks.


    With more than 10 years of experience and many hundreds of photoshoots all sessions remain baby led.  Babies deserve uttermost respect to be treated with care when being handled. Trained to a high standard in Baby Safety, I use a wealth of experience to maintain your baby’s comfort and safety throughout their photoshoot.


    We know how excited some parents are to see the results of their baby’s photoshoot and to share them with friends and family. Your images will be available just 10 days after your baby photoshoot in their high resolution, fully polished form.


    I understand you will want high quality digital copies of your favourite images to share with your friends and family so these are included as standard with the entry prices.  As new parents you’ll no doubt also want your favourite photos to put up in your home so I also offer a wide range of high quality printed products for your home.

Baby Club

Baby photoshoots can be booked as a one off photo shoot or as a baby club where you can record three special landmark stages of your baby’s life – tummy time/sitting, 1st birthday and finally those first steps.

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Kent Photo Studio, Unit 36 Integra, Bircholt Road, Maidstone, Kent. ME15 9GQ

Don't be shy, get in touch

Call (01622) 828320 or Email me here

For latest info, offers & photos from recent family photoshoots like our Facebook page

Copyright for all content held by: Enchanted Photography. All Rights Reserved.

Kent Photo Studio, Unit 36 Integra, Bircholt Road, Maidstone, Kent. ME15 9GQ

Don't be shy, get in touch

Call (01622) 828320

or Email me here

Don't forget to like the Facebook Page

Copyright for all content held by: Enchanted Photography. All Rights Reserved.

Kent Photo Studio, Unit 36 Integra, Bircholt Road, Maidstone, Kent. ME15 9GQ